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Parth Sharma

About Me

Hey there 👋🏻 ! I’m Parth, (aka @psrth) — a junior at BITS Pilani by day, and a developer+designer by night. I love building tech-based products, YOLO-ing all my money, debating, and travelling (in no particular order).


building the future of influencer marketing at

co-founder @orangeyak, a digital agency in India. all things ops/design/tech.

design+tech lead @conquest, India’s largest student-run startup accelerator

software development intern @FischerJordan, a NYC based consulting firm

vice-chair + frontend developer @ the ACM chapter at BITS Pilani


Over the summer, I’ll probably be working on a couple of things — building out a few SaaS products @orangeyak, learning more about the web3 space and building with Selenium, backend arch in Node.js, and competitive coding for recruitments season.



Greg McKeown

Trillion Dollar Coach

Eric Schmidt

The Mom Test

Rob Fitzpatrick

Psychology of Money

Morgan Housel

Phantasmal Media

Dr. Fox Harrell


Here are all the places you can find me on the internet. If you want to contact me for work, grab a cup of coffee, or just chat about stuff, drop me a DM on Twitter.

or shoot me an email at psrth[at]proton[dot]me